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How to be a tax volunteer

The Tax Help for Older People scheme is a great success and, due to the demand for our services, we need more volunteer tax advisers across the country.

The staff in our Dorset office can deal with 80% of telephone enquiries, but many of those contacting us still need face-to-face support if they are to tackle their tax problems successfully. This simply may be because they are confused, lacking in confidence, do not like using the telephone, or have impaired hearing or sight. It may also be because that their tax affairs have become so complex that we need to go through the paperwork with them before we can sort things out!

To provide this face-to-face support to over 4,000 clients each year we rely on our UK wide network of volunteer tax advisers. Drawn from within the tax and accounting professions or retired HMRC staff, we have some 420 active volunteers registered with us at any one time offering a combination of local tax surgery sessions and home visits.

Over the years we have also extended our work to provide tax awareness talks to community and pensioner groups and specialist training to other voluntary sector advice and information agencies.

So, if you are a tax professional who thinks they might enjoy working with older people who are unable to afford to pay for the services of a tax adviser we will welcome you to the team. We are flexible in our approach, fully insured and willing to work around your availability. All we ask in return is that you treat our clients as you would your own.

You can find more information about the volunteer role here, or you can contact the Volunteer and Projects Manager on 01308 487006, or use the contact form.