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Rothesay policyholders

Are you a Rothesay policyholder with a question about your personal tax?


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  1. We can help you understand what tax you will pay and when and help you calculate whether a tax refund is due. Our tax advice is tailored to your specific circumstances.

  2. We can also advise on tax implications following bereavement.

  3. Our advice is not limited to pensions: we can explain what tax is deducted from your pension AND check your other entitlements such as Marriage Allowance, Blind Person's Allowance etc.

  4. We can help you over the phone or offer a face to face appointment if needed.*

“Excellent service. I am happy to understand the tax liability and was also guided to claim the Marriage Allowance transfer. I am grateful to know I can come back for further advice”.

Feedback from a Rothesay policyholder

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