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Where can I get help if things go wrong?

If you find you cannot resolve your issue by contacting HMRC through the normal channels it may be necessary to complain or appeal.

In this section we look at how to resolve disputes with HMRC and how to complain to HMRC about their treatment of you. We also provide you with guidance on what to do if you are unable to pay you tax bill, or if you have received a tax credits overpayment and have to repay it.

Which route you take depends on the issue you have. For example; if you have an underpayment of tax and are in dispute with HMRC over an HMRC Error (Extra Statutory Concession A19, [ESC A19]) then the complaint route is applicable. However if the investigation finds that it is actually an employer/pension provider error but HMRC are still pursuing you for the lost tax the appeal route is applicable.

We have other guides in this section of the website, look for:

  • How do I complain to HMRC? – you will find this guide helpful if you are not happy with the way HMRC is dealing with you.
  • Tax appeals - This guide will help you if you have a right of appeal against an HMRC decision on a direct tax issue.
  • What if I cannot pay my tax bill? – we explain what to do if you owe HMRC money, but you are not able to pay.

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